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Children & gender identity

The Suicide Myth

* Introduction *
Every parent faced with a child claiming they are transgender will have heard the terrifying statistics about high suicide rates when transgender children are not supported in their preferred gender identity. It is frequently mentioned in news reports covering transgender issues and is often a strong emotional motivator for parents to support their child’s wish to transition. It is suggested that ‘affirmation’ and social and medical transition is the only answer to help children with gender dysphoria.
(Source: "Suicide Facts and Myths - Transgender Trend")

Dr. Kevin Stuart, executive director of the Austin Institute for the Study of Family & Culture reports, “multiple studies have shown that over the long run, those who transition have increased rates of suicidality, not decreased.”
(Source: "Advocates Protecting Children")

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* Our Duty - Suicide *

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Suicide Facts and Myths - Transgender Trend - The threat that children may commit suicide if parents do not support their social and medical transition is not born out by the facts.

Advocates Protecting Children - Dedicated to fighting the gender industry, and especially its predation on children in the form of unethical social and medical transition for the sake of political and financial profit.

Our Duty - Our Duty provides support for parents with a child who thinks they are transgender. We are active in UK, USA, Australia and Canada

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