Save Our Sonoma does not discriminate based on race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation or gender

Save Our Sonoma


In addition to our public Substack newsletter, you can connect with us on the Signal messaging platform.

* Signal - a secure messaging app *
You can access Signal on your desktop or mobile phone (a mobile phone is required to initially set up the desktop application). Please join the groups listed below that interest you; explore what is happening in them and decide how you can contribute. You may leave a group at any time.

* Signal group: Sonoma Allied Businesses *
We are sharing recommendations for those places that won't harass about masks, nor segregate based on anything; color, religion or medical status. Please feel free to talk about experiences of all kinds! List your business if you are a good fit for this group as well!

* Signal group: Speakout Sonoma Lighthouse *
This is a county-wide hub for sharing info & ideas that are counter to a globalist, divisive, inhumane agenda.