Save Our Sonoma does not discriminate based on race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation or gender

Save Our Sonoma


S.O.S is completely run by volunteers. We are seeking to expand our membership to those in Sonoma County who have a deep passion (and skills!) for tackling the tyranny that is unfolding in front of us all. Our current public newsletter reaches over 2,500, and we welcome you to join the ranks of our private membership association! Click on the button below for information on the projects that we are currently engaged in.

* Membership benefits include the following *
  • Our “members only” newsletter that highlights local events, community news, recommendations, articles and prepared points of action.
  • Access to exclusive S.O.S. website resources.
  • Trainings on specific topics of interest from our focus areas.
  • Team collaboration, strategies and goals.
  • Private social networks, protected chat groups and affiliations.
  • Opportunities to contribute to our various task groups in areas such as; planning, admin, leadership, focus teams, membership, fundraising, events and outreach efforts.
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* The application process *
The first step is to use our contact page to send us a message asking about membership. We will arrange for you to receive an application. After you submit your application, it will be reviewed for approval. Once approved, you will receive our P.M.A. Agreement for your review and signature. When you apply, you will have an option to donate to S.O.S. Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated.

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* Why a Private Membership Organization (PMA)? *
After considering the many non-profit options, we have turned the page from a public free association group to a private membership association. This designation of a non-profit organization affords our members greater protection and privacy. This fits with our mission to “serve our community for generations to come.” We celebrate all that we have accomplished together during the first two years and we will continue serving our community, fighting for our liberty and freedoms.

We chose “ministry” meaning; we serve our community with the spirit that calls to those whom we serve, or minister to, for the betterment of the citizenry at large in Sonoma County. We do this through association, education, and action. As a faith based organization, we honor individual freedom to practice a personal faith, may that be in nature, or a higher power, or in whatever ways our members may interpret for themselves
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