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This page features opportunities that we have identified to take action and make a difference. Please spend a few minutes here, and follow the easy to do actions (most recent at top). If you know of an action opportunity that we should include here please send us a message using our Contact page.

* SB 596 - Overly broad bill that targets parents’ first amendment rights in their children’s education *
SB 596 would provide that any person who subjects a school employee to “threats” or “harassment” after school hours or outside of school is guilty of a misdemeanor. SB 596 is an overly broad and vague bill that targets the First Amendment rights of parents, guardians, and other concerned community members. The bill goes so far as to define “harassment” as communication that “seriously alarms” or “annoys” the person “that serves no legitimate purpose.” SB 596 will undoubtedly be used as a tool to go after parents who vocalize their opposition to offensive content or divisive curricula in schools.

* Drop College COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates *
Almost 100 colleges and universities in the U.S. are still mandating COVID-19 vaccines for students returning to their campuses for the 2023-2024 school year. Let’s make that number zero.

* CALIFORNIA: Stand Up Against Wireless Harms! *
Currently before the California legislature are AB 965 and AB 1065, which aim to facilitate the deployment of wireless infrastructure. The expansion of wireless technology and infrastructure poses significant risks to our health, the environment and privacy.

* Act for America *
There are number of serious petitions regarding multiple issues we are facing on the ACTNOW website. From China's infiltration on our farmland and their set up of spy bases to voter integrity. These are very easy to fill out with options to email your local representatives (all pre-filled for you), post to Facebook, tweet and call. Again, everything is pre-filled and it only takes a few seconds per issue. Please take a few second to fill each one out, share it and get notified.

* PERK advocacy action steps: *
1. Use the PERK advocacy action center to email and tweet legislators to support or oppose the bills.

2. Submit your letter of opposition or support to the legislative portal.

3. Call the committee members in the bills’ current committee location to voice your stance on each bill.

4. Get 10 other people to do the same.

5. Check PERK news blog and legislation web page for regular bill updates.

* Americans for Responsible Technology *
ART is bringing legal action against the FDA for its failure to establish legal hum exposure guidelines for RF radiation. Learn what are the first things you need to do if small cells are not yet in your community, and what you can do if they're already there.

* Exit the WHO - Reject digital enslavement *
We, the People of the World, will NOT allow a "digital health certificate", "vaccine passport", "digital ID" or any other attempt to restrict our rights in any way. OUR FREEDOM IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.
The World Health Assembly is a meeting of over 190 WHO Member States where health decisions are made that impact the global population

* Global walkout *
A unified pushback against the globalist agenda. ONE STEP AT A TIME, hand in hand, we are walking out from the restrictive globalist society they are trying to enslave us and our children into. The GLOBAL WALKOUT…has begun.

* Free Speech In Action *
Local Activists advocate for and protect constitutionally sound policies in their neighborhoods, townships, municipalities, counties, and states. Holding government officials accountable and eliminating obstacles to individual prosperity is fundamental to every endeavor. Local Activists care about and engage in critical issues in their communities and are recognized as principled, collaborative, skilled, knowledgeable, and prepared.

* Action alerts published by other organizations *

* Past actions *