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This page features opportunities that we have identified to take action and make a difference. If you know of an action opportunity that we should include here please send us a message using our Contact page.

* JFK 2024 - California *
Because Bobby is running as an Independent Candidate, there are certain requirements to get him on the California Presidential Ballot in November 2024. Each State has different rules, but for California, the most direct path to getting RFK Jr. on the Ballot is to establish a new political party. We will then nominate Mr. Kennedy as the new party's Candidate for President. This new party (We The People) will be recognized by the State of California after there are 75,000 registrations.
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* LIABLE Act *
Did you know Americans can’t sue for bad COVID shots? Act now! The “Let Injured Americans Be Legally Empowered Act” would not allow federal law to stop Americans who have been harmed by a COVID product from getting their day in court, as well as proper compensation for injuries and death.
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* Protect Kids California *

Protect Kids California is the group proposing three initiatives for the California ballot in November 2024.

1. School Transparency and Partnership Act – An initiative to require schools notify parents when their child wants to socially transition in school settings.

2. Protect Girls’ Sports and Spaces Act – An initiative to make certain girls have fair competition by ensuring girls’ athletic programs are for female athletes only.

3. Protect Children from Reproductive Harm Act – An initiative to prevent child sterilization from puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or transgender surgeries.
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* Block the Pandemic Treaty *
Urgent Call to Action: Block the Pandemic Treaty NOW

The stakes have never been higher in our ongoing battle against the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has unveiled yet another draft of this alarming proposal, aimed at becoming the primary tool for managing global health crises. They are looking to become the global health authority before “the next pandemic strikes”, and it’s up to us to stop them.

This isn't about health; it's about who holds the reins of power in times of crisis. As they inch closer and closer to finalizing negotiations, we cannot afford to back down.
The proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations & the new Pandemic Treaty, both scheduled to be ratified in May of this year would give the WHO unprecedented powers over its member nations & remove any and all existing human rights restrictions - a de facto world government.

Click here for a video explaining that the WHO could turn into a de facto world government by May of this year.
Click here for the Stop the WHO web page.
Click here for the Exit the WHO web page.

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* Challenging SB277 *
In 2015, California's governor signed SB277, a bill that removed nonmedical vaccine exemptions within the state regardless of their personal or religious beliefs. This legislation placed California families in a challenging predicament, as they were now required to make a choice between adhering to the state's "one-size-fits-all" vaccine mandate or forfeiting their children's access to preschool or K-12 classroom education. We are challenging this bill, seeking a religious objection for those with sincerely held beliefs.
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* Reform California *
A record number of Californians have lost faith and confidence in how our state conducts its elections. That’s because California’s fraud-prone election practices include outdated voter rolls, ballot harvesting schemes, refusal to verify citizenship status, non-existent signature reviews, and absolutely no verification of voters when they show up to ask for ballots at the polls.
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* Drop College Vaccine Mandates *
Children’s Health Defense: Almost 100 colleges and universities in the U.S. are still mandating COVID-19 vaccines for students returning to their campuses for the 2023-2024 school year. Let’s make that number zero.
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* Stand Up Against Wireless Harms! *
Children’s Health Defense: Currently before the California legislature are AB 965 and AB 1065, which aim to facilitate the deployment of wireless infrastructure. The expansion of wireless technology and infrastructure poses significant risks to our health, the environment and privacy.
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* Act for America *
There are number of serious petitions regarding multiple issues we are facing on the ACTNOW website. From China's infiltration on our farmland and their set up of spy bases to voter integrity. These are very easy to fill out with options to email your local representatives (all pre-filled for you), post to Facebook, tweet and call. Again, everything is pre-filled and it only takes a few seconds per issue. Please take a few second to fill each one out, share it and get notified.
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* RF radiation *
Americans for Responsible Technology (ART) is bringing legal action against the FDA for its failure to establish legal hum exposure guidelines for RF radiation. Learn what are the first things you need to do if small cells are not yet in your community, and what you can do if they're already there.
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* Exit the WHO - Reject digital enslavement *
We, the People of the World, will NOT allow a "digital health certificate", "vaccine passport", "digital ID" or any other attempt to restrict our rights in any way. OUR FREEDOM IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.
The World Health Assembly is a meeting of over 190 WHO Member States where health decisions are made that impact the global population
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* Align Act - Exit the WHO *
This message is URGENT to protect our freedoms by Exiting the WHO!

As Americans who love our country and our freedoms, we are gravely concerned, and we believe you are also, about the overreaching global powers soon to be vested by default in the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO seeks to greatly expand its powers over global health via Amendments to the IHR (International Health Regulations) and the International Pandemic Treaty. As you know, these 100’s of amendments will automatically become legally binding on all 194 U.N. member nations unless those nations object.

IF THESE AMENDMENTS ARE ALLOWED TO BECOME INTERNATIONAL LAW, any WHO declaration of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) --- which could even be a health “emergency” due to climate change! --- means they can dictate our personal health decisions. Our rights, our freedoms, our privacy, personal choice, and informed consent --- are threatened! Deadlines for stopping this are fast approaching --- IHR Amendments already “adopted” must be rejected by Nov. 20 & Dec. 1, 2023. Early 2024 deadlines loom for other Amendments.
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* Free Speech In Action *
Local Activists advocate for and protect constitutionally sound policies in their neighborhoods, townships, municipalities, counties, and states. Holding government officials accountable and eliminating obstacles to individual prosperity is fundamental to every endeavor. Local Activists care about and engage in critical issues in their communities and are recognized as principled, collaborative, skilled, knowledgeable, and prepared.
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* ICAN - Vaccine exemptions *
Let's Bring Medical Freedom to Every State!

Just 5 holdout states remain. With your support, we restored the Medical Exemption in Mississippi in a historic decision. We are litigating in West Virginia and New York. With your support, we will file in the remaining three. Help us secure exemptions in every state in America!
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* Other organizations *
California Health Coalition Advocacy - Take Action

National Vaccine Information Center California State Team

Let Them Breathe Toolkit

California Freedom Keepers

Stand For Health Freedom - Take Action - Stand for Health Freedom (SHF) is a 501 (c)(4) nonprofit organization dedicated to informing and activating a grassroots movement to protect our health and our families.

Children's Health Defense - Action alerts - Stay on the pulse of issues impacting the health and freedom of our children by participating in our action alerts. You can take meaningful action in just a few seconds by completing any of our action alerts targeting those making decisions that impact current and future generations.

California Parents Union - Act Now

Save California - Take Action - tells you what Big Media and Big Government in our state won't. We're uniquely serving YOU by filling a gap that's needed more than ever... right here in California.

Prevent Genocide 2030 - All Current Actions

Alliance For Natural Health - Action Center

California Policy Center - Take Action

Prosecute now - California demand letters

AlignAct - AlignAct is a grassroots advocacy platform on a mission to empower everyone who cares about an issue of national, regional, or local importance to freely and legally make their views known to government officials, corporate decision makers, academic leaders, and cultural institutions without cost or complexity.

Health Freedom Defense Fund - How can YOU stand up for freedom? What are your RIGHTS? Get Involved and Take Action Today to safeguard our most precious and sacred human right, bodily autonomy.

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* Past actions *
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