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Save Our Sonoma

Past actions

* Oppose AB 659 HPV vaccine mandate bill *
California AB 659 - Cancer Prevention Act also known as the HPV Vaccine Mandate bill for school kids was introduced by Assembly Member Aguiar-Curry, and co-authored Assembly Members Wendy Carrillo, Friedman, Kalra, Ortega, Papan, and Blanca Rubio and Senator Wiener.

* Drag Queen Story Hour at your local Library *
June 17 & 18 there will be a series of “Drag Queen Story Hours” being promoted by our local media, and our County educational system. Are you concerned about the indoctrination that is occurring with our youth about their “right” to choose their sex, and to be exposed to psychological manipulation about their sexuality, leading to alterations physically and emotionally that cannot be undone? We must not let this happen to our youth under the age of 18.