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Children & gender identity


* Introduction *
Our concern is with policies and procedures that guide and even push young children to adopt gender identities with life-changing consequences. On these pages we explore the unethical manipulation of young children & adolescents as it relates to their gender identity.

Families are under assault by the billion-dollar gender industry. Schools, healthcare providers, politicians, and an aggressive activism machine are coercing children a destructive path of medicalization in the name of transgender medicine. Children naturally explore and discard identities as they develop. Medical interventions can create identities that cannot be discarded. Our concern is with policies and procedures that guide and even push young children to adopt gender identities with life-changing consequences.
  • Why are children being manipulated into adopting new gender identities?
  • Are children’s actual needs being ignored in favor of politically motivated ideologies that turn them into victims?
  • What are the effects of emotional and social pressure on our communities and psychologically harmful trends that occur when kids are influenced in these ways?
  • Who funds all of this and WHY this is being done so fast and pushed so hard, now?
Maybe there is a bigger picture to the push. We explore these questions as well as presenting stories of those harmed by these practices.
Click here for the Advocates Protecting Children Resources Page - a list of resources packed nicely into categories of books, movies, etc.

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* A healthy approach to sex and gender *
We want to see schools, colleges and higher education establishments hold neutral space for students as they explore their gender, sexual orientation and identity formation. We value supportive environments for students, so they feel neither encouraged nor discouraged to follow certain paths.

We advocate for an evidence-based approach to gender distress, and we would like health care professionals to take the time and care to evaluate the low-evidence base for the current affirmative approach, looking more closely at the harms that medical treatment paths can cause. We recognize the high occurrence of comorbidites such as autism and ADHD among children and young people who are questioning their gender.

We would like to raise public awareness of the issues facing gender-questioning children and young people. We wish to help create a society that supports gender non-conformity — one which doesn’t require the heavy burden of medical treatment. We acknowledge that gay, lesbian and bisexual youth are often gender non-conforming; rather than suppressing hormonal urges with medication, we support an approach that allows adolescents to explore their sexuality with freedom and acceptance.

Finally, in this fast-paced world, we advocate for a slower, more thoughtful approach to any difficulties that children and young people face.
(Source: "Genspect - a healthy approach to sex and gender")

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Source: PERK - Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids

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Date: Jul 21, 2023

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