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Gender identity
We provide links to internet sources offering points of view that differ from the mainstream narrative. We have not verified these sources and we make NO claim that they present TRUE, ACCURATE or COMPLETE information. We suggest that you examine what is offered and decide for yourself what to think and believe.

Save Our Sonoma stands as allies, alongside parents, de-transitioners, the LGBTQ community, people of all creeds, political backgrounds, faith leaders, doctors, nurses, the medical and mental health communities – all to protect our precious children. We are not interested in arguing the freedom of adults to choose sex/gender/identity.

Our goal is to facilitate discussions in our community about the recent focus on a child's gender identity, gender affirming care, and sexually-oriented curriculum without a parent's knowledge or informed consent, and to explore the harm done to their childhood and development.

Families are under assault by the billion-dollar gender industry. Over the past few years there has been a global rise in the number of children referred to gender clinics. Setting children off on a path towards medicalization with irreversible life-long effects is an experiment which has no precedent. Schools, healthcare providers, politicians, and an aggressive activism machine are coercing children a destructive path of medicalization in the name of transgender medicine.

Children naturally explore and discard identities as they develop. Medical interventions can create identities that cannot be discarded. Our concern is with policies and procedures that guide and even push young children to adopt gender identities with life-changing consequences.
  • Why are children being manipulated into adopting new gender identities?
  • Are children’s actual needs being ignored in favor of politically motivated ideologies that turn them into victims?
  • What are the effects of emotional and social pressure on our communities and psychologically harmful trends that occur when kids are influenced in these ways?
  • Who funds all of this and WHY this is being done so fast and pushed so hard, now?
Maybe there is a bigger picture to the push. We explore these questions as well as presenting stories of those harmed by these practices.
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Let’s Talk about SEX… and GENDER - Foster Gamble lists 10 points to try to cut through the ignorance, confusion and propaganda that is creating the next polarization among people.

Source: Free To Thrive | Author: Foster Gamble | Date: 7/21/2023

* Advocates Protecting Children *
There is no such thing as “true trans,” and specifically there is no such thing as a transgender child. People who struggle with their sense of personal sex identification suffer from gender dysphoria, formerly called gender identity disorder in the DSM-V, prior to political activists’ pressure on the medical establishment to de-pathologize and normalize what is inherently a psychological condition.

Sex is binary; it is neither tertiary nor on a continuum. Human beings are categorized as females or males based upon their chromosomes, reproductive function, sex gametes, and secondary sexual characteristics such as genitalia. No third type of sexed person is necessary for reproduction, nor does it exist.

The term gender is meaningless, and until the unethical, abusive, and long discredited psychologist John Money first applied it to people in the 1960’s, gender belonged only to the field of linguistics. Whereas gender came to be used synonymously with sex on documentation like birth certificates and drivers’ licenses, gender has today become redefined as one’s inner sense of sex (maleness/femaleness). Advocates understands that what the gender industry refers to as gender is better identified as personality, which is individual and personal, and bears no relation to nor subservience to one’s physical sex.

People who suffer from gender dysphoria—including those on the autism spectrum, people who have suffered prior trauma/abuse, those with comorbid disorders such as depression, those who have been pathologized by saturation with pornography, and men who are autogynephiles—deserve compassion, and should be provided adequate and ethical mental and physical health services in order to restore them to wholeness and healing.

Sexuality and gender identity are not innate, fixed traits, but are most likely a combination of inborn tendencies (nature) and environmental effects and experiences (nurture). Given the numbers of people who have adopted a change in sexual preference or gender identity later in life, or who have successfully given up unwanted sexual attractions or gender identification following appropriate therapy, Advocates believes that attractions and self-identifications can and do change throughout one’s lifetime.
(Source: "Advocates Protecting Children")