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Gender-affirming care
We provide links to internet sources offering points of view that differ from the mainstream narrative. We have not verified these sources and we make NO claim that they present TRUE, ACCURATE or COMPLETE information. We suggest that you examine what is offered and decide for yourself what to think and believe.

* Introduction *
Over the past few years there has been a global rise in the number of children referred to gender clinics. There is no reliable scientific basis for the diagnosis of transgender, nor long-term research on the outcome of treatments. Setting children off on a path towards medicalization with irreversible life-long effects is an experiment which has no precedent.

Minors need to be protected from coercion, sterilization, castration or mutilation when they are too undeveloped mentally and emotionally, and too uninformed to consent to a decision that could have horrific and irreversible outcomes they might very well regret for the rest of their lives. Youth should be listened to, informed and honored in their perceptions, but not subjected to physical or chemical changes until they are mature enough and have sufficient life experience to make their own unalterable decisions responsibly.
The decision to undergo “gender transition” can be a life-altering choice. In the past, “gender transition” surgeries were done on adults, after a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, psychologists, and social workers had evaluated the individual for several years. However, some clinics now allow children to make the decision to undergo “gender transition” without necessarily first properly assessing their psychological maturity and comorbidities.

Children are being surgically transitioned in appalling numbers, including at least some genital mutilations that often require life-long continuing medical support -- when studies show that gender confusion in children and teenagers is often "transitory," as the "de-transition" phenomenon is growing.

A new study has been published by the Journal of the American Medical Association about the number of people who have had “gender-affirming” surgeries — including minors — between 2016-2019. The numbers are startling.
(Source: "Thousands of Minors Received 'Gender-Affirming Surgeries’ | National Review")
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* History *
Historically, medical interventions to achieve the appearance of the desired sex were reserved primarily for adults with long histories of dysphoria. Medical interventions were preceded by a prolonged engagement with the patient, including thorough psychological assessments. While the population-level data on the benefits of adult gender transitions undertaken in prior decades remain mixed, with evidence of persistent mental health struggles and sharply elevated mortality and morbidity, a number of individuals who underwent gender transition following rigorous assessments have reported being very satisfied with their decision to transition, do not regret it, and live happy and productive lives.

However, around 2010's, there was a marked change in the approach to the management of gender dysphoria. A number of countries in Western Europe, North America, and Australia, began to promote the "gender-affirmative" model of care for youth. Under this model of care, young people presenting with gender dysphoria or asserting a transgender identity are affirmed in their desire to undergo gender transition, and are provided with hormonal and surgical interventions. While mental health professionals are often involved, their role is typically limited to preparing the young person for gender transition, regardless of any co-occurring mental health challenges or whether there was a relatively recent history of transgender identification. As such, the provision of medical intervention now happens with a much-reduced psychological assessment.
(Source: "Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine")
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* The ‘affirmative model’ *
The evidence base for gender-affirming interventions is sparce and of very low quality. While the evidence of benefits is highly uncertain, the harms to sexual and reproductive functions are certain, and many uncertainties about the long-term health effects exist. As a result, it is hard to ethically justify continuing to use hormones and surgeries as first-line “treatment” for gender dysphoric youth.
(Source: "Current Concerns About Gender-Affirming Therapy in Adolescents")

A new “affirmative care” standard of mental health care has been adopted by nearly every medical accrediting organization. The American Psychological Association guidelines go much further than respecting and supporting trans identities; they mandate that therapists adopt gender ideology themselves. Therapists must accept and affirm the patient’s self-diagnosis.
(Source: "Trans Science: A review of Abigail Shrier’s Irreversible Damage")

The NHS says that gender dysphoria is a recognised medical condition and is not “a mental illness.”. Yet, by its very nature, diagnosis has to rely on self-identification and subjective feelings. There are no definitive tests that can be carried out and assessment must rely on self-affirmation. Parental voices are excluded by many clinicians, and ignored in favour of affirming a child-only perspective.

A number of therapists have spoken out recently about the pressure they are under within their clinics, from a culture that has allowed lobby groups to drive a narrative that insists self-affirmation is adequate for clinical diagnosis. Some clinicians have reported that an over-simplification of the process means they are not able to apply their own professional training, experience and knowledge to the young patients they see, especially for those with more complex needs such as autism.
(Source: "Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria | Our Duty")
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* Related resources *
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BREAKING: Second Lawsuit Filed in US Against Medical Transition of Minors - Layla Jane accuses the defendants of “gross negligence” that led to permanent disfigurement. This process included puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and a double mastectomy performed when she was just 13 years old.

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Detransitioner slams clinics, media for politicizing 'gender affirming care' - Walt Heyer, who lived eight years as a transgender woman, said "gender-affirming care" is "medical malpractice" and said psychotherapy is a better alternative.

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Doctor Sounds Alarm on ‘Transgender Assembly Line' - Miriam Grossman, MD, rails against her profession for prioritizing political correctness over public health. Watch the Identity Crisis series.

Doctors fight federal rule prescribing transgender ideology - Recent appeal challenges requirements for “gender-affirming” treatments

Date: Jan 24, 2023

Gender-Affirming Care For Kids Is 'Literally Suicide Prevention' - ‘Admiral’ Rachel Levine, The Biden administration’s transgender Assistant Secretary for Health, has declared that “gender-affirming care” (blocking puberty, removing genitals, or adding fake genitals) is necessary to keep people, including children, mentally healthy and to stop them from killing themselves.

Source: ZeroHedge | Date: Jun 27, 2023

GoFundMe Hosts Sex-Change Surgery Fundraisers for Minors - For children, raising money from strangers for a sex change is just a click away on

Healthcare System Performing Transgender Surgeries on Children - REPORT: Largest Catholic Healthcare System In America Is Performing Transgender Surgeries on Children and Providing Other "Gender Affirming" Care Services

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Hidden Side of Gender Affirming Care - with Dr. Peterson Pierre presents Daily Dose: 'Hidden Side of Gender Affirming Care'

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In Texas gender-affirming care lawsuit, doctors debate treatments’ safety - Texas families and health care providers sued the state over Senate Bill 14, which restricts transgender youth from accessing gender-affirming care. The groups are requesting an injunction from a state district court judge before the law goes into effect on Sept. 1.

Date: Aug 16, 2023

Minors Being Transitioned Without Restrictions - Pro-Transgender Medical Officials Admit Minors Being Transitioned Without Restrictions: ‘We Brought in Our Own Therapist to Write Our Letters to Rubber Stamp Surgeries’ … ‘We Do Not Provide Authorities Any Records’ | Project Veritas

Portland surgeon reveals drawbacks of his genital operations - Portland surgeon dubbed 'Dr Frankenstein' reveals drawbacks of his genital ops on trans adolescents. Dr Blair Peters, a self-described 'queer surgeon' with 'he/they' pronouns, pink hair and a 'passion' for genital surgeries, revealed that patients face lifelong post-op complications.

Rachel Levine's claim all agree on 'gender-affirming care' is slammed by doctors 'in hiding' - Several medical professionals tell Fox News their colleagues are afraid to 'challenge this narrative' on gender

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Should children be allowed to make life-changing 'gender transition' decisions? - Leading scientists and doctors discuss potential risks

Texas bans genital mutilation surgeries for minors | Frontline News - The Lone Star State joins the movement to protect children from dangerous procedures

Thousands of Minors Received 'Gender-Affirming Surgeries’ | National Review - Children are being surgically transitioned in appalling numbers, including at least some genital mutilations that often require life-long continuing medical support -- when studies show that gender confusion in children and teenagers is often "transitory," as the "de-transition" phenomenon is growing.

Source: National Review | Date: Aug 26, 2023

Thrown to the Wolves - A physician reveals the nightmare of transgender ideology in a major children’s hospital.

UK report questions "gender-affirming care" - British pediatrician Hilary Cass has been investigating the state of gender medicine through the UK's Gender Identity Development Service.

Date: Mar 11, 2022

Whistleblower exposes hospital for performing genital sex change surgeries on minors - Kaiser Permanente issued a mandatory training course for all Kaiser employees in Southern California covering topics on “gender-affirming care” which included information on mastectomies, hysterectomies, vaginoplasties, and phalloplasties. Internal documents indicated that these procedures are allowed to be performed on minors.

Date: Jun 13, 2023

Woke Gender Lies, Child Abuse, and Mutilation - YouTube - Tulsi Gabbard exposes the truth about "gender affirming care" for minors. The 2020 presidential candidate sheds light on this alarming trend in American culture that has resulted in teens seeking out medical procedures to permanently alter their biological sex..

Date: Nov 15, 2022

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