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Issues in schools
We provide links to internet sources offering points of view that differ from the mainstream narrative. We have not verified these sources and we make NO claim that they present TRUE, ACCURATE or COMPLETE information. We suggest that you examine what is offered and decide for yourself what to think and believe.

* Introduction *
A campaign is under way to introduce school children to the latest ideas about sexual orientation and “gender identity”. Children as young as kindergarten are being indoctrinated with “gender identity” propaganda. Highly pornographic books (with pornographic images) posing as educational LGBT content are being planted in public schools.

School counselors and social workers have operated with impunity because parents still believe them to be "guidance counselors" of the past. They are now the biggest purveyors of gender ideology and critical race theory.

In 2019, the California State Board of Education approved highly controversial changes to the state’s health and sex education framework including teaching children about bondage, anal sex, pederasty, sex trafficking, sexual orientation and transgender and non-conforming students.

Schools are also allowing natal male students to complete in female athletics and to access intimate facilities once reserved for girls, raising serious fairness and safety concerns.
Are these children being groomed?
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In California, students can opt out from sexual health education instruction but cannot opt out of gender identity and sexual identification instruction. Gender stereotypes are taught in kindergarten. Children are taught that they might have a girl brain in a boy body or vice versa; never mind that that is biologically nonsensical. Teens are asked to imagine what it would be like to be the other gender. When a child comes out as trans, schools frequently adopt their preferred new name and pronouns without informing the parents (ostensibly to protect the child’s privacy).
(Source: "Trans Science: A review of Abigail Shrier’s Irreversible Damage")

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* Comprehensive sexuality education *
While there is not one universal definition of “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE) and what it includes, CSE is a highly controversial, “rights-based” approach to sex education that encompasses a great deal more than just teaching children and youth about sexual intercourse and human reproduction. Developed in the West, primarily in the United States, CSE is now being implemented in most countries around the world.

Comprehensive sexuality education programs seek to change society by changing sexual and gender norms and teaching youth to advocate for their sexual rights. Most CSE programs promote acceptance of diverse sexual identities and orientations and have an almost obsessive focus on sexual pleasure, instructing children and youth at the earliest ages on how to obtain sexual pleasure in a variety of ways.
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* Without parent consent *
Teachers in the Escondido Union School District (EUSD) in California are instructed to tell questioning parents that conversations about a student’s gender identity is “outside of the scope of the intent of their interaction,” and are required to “use a student’s preferred name and pronoun based upon student request” regardless of the parents’ decision.
(Source: "The Daily Caller")

"We’ve seen school officials nationwide instructed not to disclose students’ alternative pronoun use when talking to parents. We’ve seen other schools being directed to refrain from disclosing the chest-binding practices of students to their parents. Now, Libs of TikTok has obtained evidence that not only are schools keeping this information from parents and feeding students’ delusions that they can change their sex, but they are also facilitating potentially harmful transitioning practices."
(Source: "Libs of TikTok")
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* Pride agenda in schools *
Recent clashes in Canada are between parents who do not want their children inculcated with LGBT ideology and activists who insist having their values taught to other people’s children is their human right. According to the Toronto Star, some parents and school staff are “demanding that the Toronto District School Board stop allowing students to opt out of drag queen storytime events.” They say the opt-out violates the Ontario Human Rights Code and are calling for an apology for the harm caused by the decision.” As the National Post’s Jonathan Kay put it on Twitter: “This is where we are in Canada: Allowing parents to opt their kids out of ‘drag queen storytime activities’ would apparently create ‘hate.’”
(Source: "LifeSite News")
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* United Nations & WHO *
The World Health Organization and the United Nations are instructing education authorities worldwide to teach babies, toddlers and young children to masturbate, use pornography, learn different sexual techniques such as oral sex, and engage in same-sex relationships. The WHO and UN instruct educators to encourage children to start with sex as young as possible, and help all children to have sexual partners.

Evidence shows how this is part of a worldwide operation to normalize pedophilia. Judicial organizations are issuing statements that sex between little children and adults should be legalized, while media outlets and political parties are calling for the acceptance of pedophilia as a "normal sexual orientation".

The UN has issued the document "International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education" as part of the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. It is the official guideline for elementary schools around the world. This guide is intended to help children build relationships with romantic or sexual partners.

Educators are instructed to teach little kids from the age of 5 about kissing, hugging, touching and sexual behaviors. 9-year-old children are to be taught about masturbation, sexual attraction, sexual stimulation, having sexual intercourse for the first time, how to experience sex using the internet and mobile phones, and learning different sexual techniques.
(Source: "Stop World Control")

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* Related resources *
Are Teachers Obliged to Tell Parents Their Child Might Be Trans? - The Courts May Soon Decide: Some administrators say outing a student could lead to child abuse or self-harm. Parents in court filings say they have a right to know.

Chicago Public Schools employee allegedly fired for voicing concerns over student drag show - An engineer at Disney II Magnet Elementary and High School was allegedly fired for voicing concerns about a student Drag show hosted by the school’s GSA club.

Source: Libs of TikTok | Date: Jul 21, 2023

Children should have sex partners – The UN agenda to normalize pedophilia - The World Health Organization is instructing all schools worldwide to sexualize little children, as part of the agenda to normalize pedophilia.

Source: Stop World Control

Courage Is A Habit - Actionable tools & strategies for parents to defend their children from indoctrination in K-12.

Exposing School Counselors - Courage Is A Habit - School counselors and social workers have operated with impunity because parents still believe them to be "guidance counselors" of the past. They are now the biggest purveyors of the Transgender Cult and critical race theory. We expose them using their own training materials.

How the WHO grooms children for pedophiles in public schools worldwide - The WHO is now demanding that young children be groomed in public schools. Under the banner of "health," the WHO is trying to roll out global pedophilia, trafficking and child abuse.

Kansas teacher suspended over refusing to use preferred pronouns, awarded $95k in lawsuit - The court found the school violated the teacher's First Amendment rights.

Source: Just The News | Date: Sep 4, 2022

LGBT activists urge Toronto school board to force children to attend drag queen story hour - The plan was always to make every aspect of LGBT education mandatory—even having drag queens read to your kids.

Source: Life Site News | Date: Jul 14, 2023

Midwest teachers discuss transitioning kids without telling parents - Midwest teachers trade tips on 'subversively and quietly' transitioning kids without telling parents. In a private meeting the teachers discussed being 'subversive,' how their personal 'code of ethics' trumped laws, and how to 'hide' a trans student's new name.

Source: Daily Mail

Minnesota health mentor - Minnesota school counselor offers chest binder for gender transition behind parents’ backs | Libs of TikTok

Mother Confronts School Board After Elementary School Secretly Transitioned Her Child - YouTube - A recent moment from a meeting of the Chico Unified School District school board from earlier this month has gone viral after a mother who spoke claimed the school transitioned her child without her knowledge or consent.

Date: Apr 14, 2023

Mother Speaks Out After School Hides Her Daughter's Trans Identity - YouTube - Michele testifies in favor of "Sage's Law," a bill requiring schools to tell parents about their kids' gender transitions. Her daughter, Sage, became a victim of sex trafficking after the school hid her transgender identity from her mother.

Date: Jan 31, 2023

Ontario teacher berated Muslim students for skipping ‘Pride Day’ - An elementary school teacher in Windsor, Ontario was caught on tape berating Muslim students for skipping the school’s LGBTQ pride day, telling them their abstention was “disgusting” and “an incredible show of hatred” that made her not want to be their educator.

Source: True North

Psychoanalyst sounds alarm on gender ideology being taught to kids - Clinical social worker Erica Komisar and author Christopher Rufo joined "Fox & Friends" to argue against schools introducing gender identity to children as young as pre-K.

Source: Fox News | Date: Jul 20, 2023

Public School Mental Health Professionals Deceive Mom - Public School Mental Health Professionals Deceive Mom To Secretly Affirm Daughter. Susie came face-to-face with the growing phenomenon of adolescent girls identifying as the opposite sex. Read her story

School Affirms 11-Year-Old’s Trans Identity Without Parental Consent - After Identifying as Trans, a Male Teacher Asked Her 11-Year-Old Daughter to Sleep In the Boy’s Cabin

Source: Independent Women's Forum

School Board Pres Tries To Shut Down Dad Reading Aloud Book From School Library, Then Dad Responds - YouTube - A recent school board meeting from Anchorage, Alaska, has gone viral after a father reading aloud from a book from the school library was shut down by the president of the school board, followed by the dad's response.

Date: Feb 17, 2023

SEL Surveys - Courage Is A Habit - In-class surveys are how your child's data is manipulated to justify more destructive Social Emotional Learning programs. We explain how the surveys work and what you can do about it immediately to protect your child.

Stop Classroom Grooming - Young children in elementary schools are being sexualized by radical gender ideology. Publicly funded school boards appear to have gone rogue, censoring and silencing parents who express concerns over the appropriateness of sexually explicit content in school libraries and the necessity of gender theory being embedded into the curriculum.

Source: Rebel News | PROTECT THE INNOCENCE OF CHILDREN - This website was created to warn parents and policy makers of the serious harms of explicit comprehensive sexuality education programs. This project is a joint effort of Family Watch International, the UN Family Rights Caucus, Protect Child Health Coalition, the Stop the Kinsey Institute coalition and concerned parents worldwide.

Teachers Sue California School Over Policy Forcing Them To Hide Kids’ Gender Transitions From Parents - Two California teachers sued their school district on Thursday over a policy that requires them to hide students' gender identities from their parents.

Source: The Daily Caller | Date: Apr 28, 2023

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