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Sonoma County Elections

* Nov 5, 2023 Election *
Only 13% of registered voters will decide who represents all of us in Sacramento for the next two years and only 5% will choose judges, school board members, city councils, mayors and the like. Your vote matters. Get out and vote!

Vote on November 5th, use the art of surprise, do not give opportunity for anyone to know or predict voting and voters ahead of schedule. This is why they want you to vote early. If you vote early you have less time to change your mind. What if you mail in your ballot and then you find out some new information about a candidate that you then want to change your vote, too late if you already mailed it! They want you to vote on your feelings and to vote early so you make less educated choices. Don't fall for it. Your ballot can get damaged in the mail. Do not mail ballots.

Make sure you vote at the polls on a fresh ballot they provide then, destroy the one they mailed you, but take it with you to the polls to prove you have not yet voted.

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* Voting in person *
We suggest hanging on to your ballot and turning it in on election day, or relinquishing it and voting in person. If there is voter fraud going on, that prevents those involved in the fraud to know what the exact count is for certain Republican candidates, so they can make sure they have enough votes (or fraudulently create them) for the Democrat candidate to be the winner.

Since the Dominion machines have to be operated by WIFI, if they are going to change the voting results, we suggest that you check for WIFI connection when you go into vote, but you have to be there in person to see it. If you just drop off your ballot, you won't be able to see it.

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* Election integrity *
Visit our PFCA Sonoma County project page to learn about local election integrity investigations. Click here for information on working as a Sonoma county Voter Registration Clerk. You can be compensated as you do your part to repair and restore faith in our elections.

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* Candidates and positions *
The following are candidates and positions that we support on the upcoming elections:

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