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Election integrity


Our concern is with the absence of free and fair elections in this country. On these pages we explore reports of various aspects of election integrity. Visit our Local page for information on election integrity issues specific to Sonoma County.

“Elected” lawmakers propose hundreds of immoral, unworkable, destructive and often unconstitutional laws every year. Our founding fathers had a deep understanding of human nature. Because they understood that unethical people are prone to create governments that do not respect citizens’ rights, they crafted our Constitution to protect us from our baser nature. Elections are about many things, but at the core they are about money and power. Since those are two of the three major motivators of the negative side of human nature, it is natural to have concerns that bad actors might rig our elections if given the opportunity.
(Source: "Election Integrity Project California - EIPCa Every Lawfully Cast Vote Accurately Counted")