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Issues in schools


* Introduction *
Many public schools are being manipulated and infiltrated by state-sponsored non-government organizations that are spreading radical social justice-style activism under the guise of civics. Parent rights activist Tamra Farah reports, “The pack leader is Educating for American Democracy (EAD), which conveniently slipped into schools nationwide in 2021, masquerading as civics. It is routinely introduced to state boards of education as a framework to inform state standards, forcing all lessons and textbooks to conform to its outline for curricula.” EAD urges teachers “to affirm diverse identities and provide inclusive instruction and examples.” This is clearly a nod to the progressive agenda of BLM, CRT, and DEI.
(Source: "Civic Irresponsibility")
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* Further reading *
Civic Irresponsibility - America’s grasp of civics is embarrassing, and the country is at risk because of it
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