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Save Our Sonoma

Sonoma County Schools

* Introduction *
We advocate for students; medical freedom, & privacy. We have an interest in holding the CA educational system and administrations accountable to families, and in helping local public and private schools get back on track!

  • Lack of representation for parents when it comes to school policies that adversely effect our children.
  • Too much global and political influence is present in our locally controlled schools.
SOS Solutions:
  • Promote public school accountability, student advocacy and parental rights.
  • Oppose mandates.
  • Support homeschooling and alternative education.
  • Advocate for medical freedom and privacy with students and their families.
  • Hold the California educational system and administrations accountable to families.
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* The Parent Union *
If you’d like to examine how your school district performed but don’t know how to get started, take seven minutes to watch our latest Parent Union Toolkit video, California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) Tour, which provides an overview of how to use CAASPP’s online dashboard to explore student performance in your district and schools throughout the state.

Click here for the CAASP Tour

And, if you haven’t visited our Parent Union website recently, there are many more resources available. Check out our toolkits to learn how to track legislation, run for school board, file a public records request, track political contributions to elected officials and more.

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