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* No College Mandates *
It is the fundamental right of each individual to freely choose which medical interventions to receive based on informed consent. Neither sufficient clinical trail data for young adults nor long-term safety data exist for these recently developed and novel vaccines. Because the coercive nature of college vaccine mandates completely disregards students’ individual freedom and right to bodily autonomy, we strongly believe that these mandates are unconstitutional, unethical, unscientific and undoubtedly contributing to the psychological distress and the staggering rise in mental health issues among young adults. Institutions of higher learning which impose vaccine mandates do not uphold the very civil rights and liberties they teach and purport to vehemently defend.
(Source: "No College Mandates")

List of Colleges with Mandates/No Mandates for COVID-19

List of Colleges that Never Mandated the COVID vaccine

List of California Community Colleges with No COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

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