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Sonoma County Concerned Parents

SOS is providing support for Sonoma County Concerned Parents, a group of local parents that are concerned about gender identity issues in Sonoma County.

Sonoma County parents and residents have been growing more and more concerned about the infiltration of 'Gender Ideology' in our schools. Some of these parents have gathered together to form Sonoma County Concerned Parents. This group has utilized resources provided by Save Our Sonoma, including facilitating a connection with the PERK group to hold a Parents Forum in Sonoma County. This event took place on October 14th, and was a great success!

Protect children, Natural rights: 75+ people attended this event to learn about legislative updates and about what is transpiring in our schools to promote transgender ideology.
  • Local parents shared their concerns and what has been found via record requests.
  • A local psychologist discussed the mental health issues affecting children and their families.
  • PERK GROUP (Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids) gave fresh updates and insights on CA on legislation, plus share action ideas which we can all take to counter what is transpiring in our Schools and community.
  • The Leadership Institute presented valuable information and tools.
  • Resources were shared to help parents with children who are confused or suffering in these circumstances
  • Actions anyone can take were discussed from Protect Kids California.
To get involved, please email: OR click here to submit a request to join Sonoma County Concerned Parents on Signal.
Click here to view information that SOS has collected on the issues of children & gender identity specifically in Sonoma County. Click here to view background information that SOS has collected on the issues of children & gender identity across the nation and the world.

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