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This page contains links to internet resources that have been submitted to us by various independent contributors. We are hopeful that each one relates in some fashion to the topic under which it is listed. Some of these resources we have reviewed and have seen fit to include in other areas of this website. However many of them we HAVE NOT CLOSELY EXAMINED and we make NO claim that they present TRUE, ACCURATE or COMPLETE information. If you do choose to follow any of these links you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. We suggest that you look at what is offered and decide for yourself what to think and believe.

* Introduction *
An elegant new study that eliminates the effect of “urban islands” throws doubt on both the extent and the causes of global warming. It turns out that we were measuring the wrong thing all along! Due to understandable reasons of convenience, scientists placed weather stations near where they live, in or near urban areas. It turned out to be problematic: instead of measuring the warming of the planet, we measured the warming of the cities.
(Source: "Is The Planet Truly "Boiling", or Are We Measuring the Wrong Things?")

Author Patrick Brown, expert on earth and climate sciences, admits: “In my paper, we didn’t bother to study the influence of these other obviously relevant factors,” the climate scientist explained, noting that more than 80 percent of wildfires in the United States are caused by humans. “Did I know that including them would make for a more realistic and useful analysis? I did. But I also knew that it would detract from the clean narrative centered on the negative impact of climate change and thus decrease the odds that the paper would pass muster with Nature’s editors and reviewers.” According to Mr. Brown, the first thing an “astute climate researcher” must know is that his or her work should support the mainstream narrative.

Watts explains how climate bullying as been going on behind the scenes, as well as the process of peer-review which is highly flawed as well as manipulated research and an unholy alliance between industry, government, University research facilities, and Big Pharma and Big Media. Scientists know they have to follow a government narrative to get their work published. Government grants and bought out science journals are killing real science and promoting propaganda.
(Source: "Climategate: Released Emails Show Blatant Censorship in Climate Journals")

* Related resources *
Is The Planet Truly "Boiling", or Are We Measuring the Wrong Things? - Is “Global Boiling” Based On Biased Data?

Source: Igor Chudov | Date: Oct 9, 2023

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