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Climate change

Climate activism

* Introduction *
The passion of the green movement has captured the world’s attention with its incessant demands for solutions to taper carbon emissions. Unfortunately, these appeals are rarely questioned due to the clout of environmental activists. We are automatically expected to endorse the assumptions of climate activists or be accused of science denialism. But closer introspection exposes the unscientific approach of climate activism.

Climate activists propose that we embrace the argument that CO2 is a pollutant as an article of faith without delivering compelling evidence. Noting that CO2 warms the planet by trapping heat in the earth’s atmosphere is an inept argument because warming has positive and negative effects. The strength of the green movement is predicated on the belief that warming is a deleterious activity that must be abated at all costs.

Aside from vilifying CO2 and global warming, climate alarmists mistakenly think that climate change is a preventable event. The climate is always changing and it will change without human beings. Human beings can only manage their response to climate change to minimize damage.

The real problem is that unscientific activists are shaping public policy to the detriment of ordinary people. Consequently, it is the inability to halt the success of climate alarmism that presents a genuine existential threat. It should trouble us that a movement led by misguided people has the influence to derail industrial progress and make millions suffer.
(Source: "Rethinking Climate Change: Are the Apocalyptic Models Wrong? - PRICKLY PEAR")
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Rethinking Climate Change: Are the Apocalyptic Models Wrong? - PRICKLY PEAR - Instead of worrying about global warming activists should be concerned with outlier possibilities and doing so is difficult because the optimal level of warming is debatable.

Source: The Prickly Pear | Date: Aug 24, 2022

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