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Elections 2024

* Kennedy 24 *
Support Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in his fight to restore our country as an exemplary nation and to end the toxic polarization that divides us. Every time someone speaks to their friends and shares their support of the campaign and its priorities, we elevate the conversation in this country to something that heals rather than divides. Here are some simple ways to get started:
  • Share our website and videos on all your social platforms.
  • Spread the Word - our movement isn’t fueled by giant corporate advertising spends – its fueled by word of mouth, from people like you.
  • Share interviews of RFK, Jr. on social media and with your community.
  • Use our event creation tool to start a regular RFK volunteer meet-up in your local coffee shop, park, pub, or community center. Even your living room can become a humming campaign office in this movement of the people!
  • Check out the resources in our volunteer toolkit to print your own materials or use the logos in our media kit to make your own!
  • Most importantly of all, talk to your family and friends and tell them why you support Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for President
(Source: "Email from the Kennedy24 campaign.")

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