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Past events

* 9/17/23 - Calling all parents *
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* 9/13/23 - Our County, Our Call: A Community United *

Date: Wednesday, September 13
Time: 6:30pm PT

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As dangerous Covid-19 mandates and restrictions start to reemerge across the country, (ie masking at universities, school closures, potential lockdowns) it’s clear that Governor Newsom is looking to exploit this irrational fear campaign into another emergency and regain his tyrannical and unconstitutional powers over the citizens of California. Since 2020 we’ve seen the destructive government overreach from the state in the name of “safety” and Californians cannot let that happen again!

The Unity Project has partnered with Red, White & Blueprint to bring you tangible tools and an actual roadmap on how to take back the power of the people at the county level. We invite you to join passionate and concerned Californians from across the state on a live kick-off call to learn about the campaign Our County, Our Call: A Community United.

* Parent events in California - Aug 2023 *

* Lindell Event: Aug 16-17, 2023 *
"This plan is unique, has never been done before in world history, and has not even previously been talked about by anyone. It does not rely on legislation, judges, or legal actions, etc. This is such a perfect plan, the only way it fails is if we do not get the word out to the entire country, and why I am spreading the word across our nation."

* 5/21/23: Election integrity presentation *
Election Integrity in Sonoma County is being challenged.

Take action with us by attending this special presentation in Santa Rosa at 1:30PM. You can help promote free and fair elections right here in Sonoma County.

* 5/13/23: Naomi Wolf & Brian O’Shea in San Jose *
Marin Freedom Rising is partnering with the Values Advocacy Council to present the incredible Dr. Naomi Wolf and Brian O’Shea, along with Alix Mayer and Denise Young, for a Free Now Foundation fundraiser in Northern California on Sat., May 13 in San Jose.

* 2022 events *
Oct 29, 2022 - SOS presents Mark McDonald MD & Jessica Barsotti J.D.

Jan 30, 2022 - SOS Rally in Sonoma Plaza

* 2021 events *
Oct 18, 2021 - School Walkout Rally at SCOE

Parents protest the announcement by Governor Newsom stating that Covid-19 injections would be mandated at schools in CA as soon as they are approved.