Save Our Sonoma does not discriminate based on race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation or gender

Save Our Sonoma

* United In Truth, Together We Rise! *
Save Our Sonoma (S.O.S.) represents the people of Sonoma County who wish to inform and empower our local communities with a specific dedication to the needs and issues facing Sonoma County.

Help us to build an infrastructure that supports everyday people coming together and creating a force for change. Work with us to create a culture of information sharing, community support, and thoughtful civic action. Bring your energy and ideas - together we can make a difference. Click on the button below for information on membership.

* Local alerts and updates *
We work to provide up-to-date information on what is happening in our community. Click on the button below for information on local concerns.

* Issues of concern *
OUR CHILDREN: Erosion of parental rights, schools indoctrinating children, gender manipulation of children, political influence in our schools

OUR HEALTH: Suppression of medical treatments, medical errors a leading cause of death, unsafe experimental covid injections, biological warfare
OUR CIVIL RIGHTS: Absence of free and fair elections, disproportionate political representation, disappearing constitutional rights, censorship and defamation

OUR GOVERNMENT: Collusion with large corporations, use of deception and coercion, mass surveillance and social control, tyrannical power and influence

* Upcoming events *
We list both live and online events that relate to our issues of concern.

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* Calls to action *
We feature opportunities for action from many organizations including Children's Health Defense, PERK and Act For America.

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* Educational flyers *
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