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We provide links to internet sources offering points of view that differ from the mainstream narrative. We have not verified these sources and we make NO claim that they present TRUE, ACCURATE or COMPLETE information. We suggest that you examine what is offered and decide for yourself what to think and believe.

* Resource collections *
Coronavirus - The Weston A. Price Foundation - Links to articles and podcasts on the corona virus published on the Weston A. Price website

Coronavirus Information - Coronavirus Information Center: Links to an abundance of reliable, verifiable information on coronavirus cover-ups, including summaries, news articles with links to original sources, videos, and more

Covid Zone | Alliance For Natural Health - This is our Covid Zone campaign page that links you to all the content we've created and published on our website as it relates to Covid-19 since 12 March 2020.

COVID-19 Resource Page | Sunfellow Notes - Major COVID-19 Resource Sections On The Sunfellow Website

Directory – Freedom Defense Resource Center - A network of patriots, conservatives, and general freedom-lovers contribute material for the posts on this site.

Discover the Truth About COVID-19 - Time To Free America - scroll down the page for a list of Topics

Ginny Stoner’s blog - Index of topics: * Aerosol vaccines * COVID19 * COVID19 vaccine coverup * Estimating vaccine risk * Fabricated news * Gender issues * Propaganda * Revised history * Satire * Spanish Flu * Swine Flu * Vaccine fraud * Vaccines * VAERS * Virology * Wonderful things

Life Facts by Life Site News - All the facts needed to understand the issues surrounding COVID-19, including: vaccinations, masks, responses, and ongoing concerns.

Questioning Covid - Clinicians, Researchers, & Health Experts from Around the World Interrogating the Mainstream Narrative Around the Pandemic

Relevant Websites | Mask Covid Info - In this website you will find all the references to COVID-19 but also special posts on for example the wearing of masks, its effect on you, and what you can do about it.

The Facts of Current Events - Publish information on important topics that aren’t being reported on fairly.

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