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Covid injection statistics

Excess deaths
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* Introduction *
According to Our World in Data, 104,000 more Americans died than expected for the year ending on April 30, 2023. Across the world in the same time period, 52,427 more Britons; 81,028 more Germans; and 17,731 more French died than expected. And no one disputes any longer that the shots are linked to sudden cardiac death. While the world is grappling with countless issues, the silence surrounding this disturbing trend is deafening.
(Excerpt from America's Frontline Doctors newsletter dated Oct 31/23)

“They [0 to 24-year-olds] were not hit by Covid hard at all (younger persons). But they suddenly WERE hit by the Vax, very hard. So, that age group has a 42% excess mortality as of week 38, 2023. And it is rising linearly.” As marked increases in sudden cardiac deaths, cancers, disabilities, and non-COVID-related fatalities are racking up the death toll in younger populations, the cause of this concerning trend needs to be understood. However, the agencies that told us that COVID measures were about “saving lives” don’t seem interested in getting to the bottom of this emerging health crisis.
(Source: "Data Analyst: “We Have a Crisis Underway”")

Official U.K. statistics also showed that in the week ending April 21, 2023, the number of deaths exceeded the five-year average by 22.1% (2,540 excess deaths), while in the week ending April 28, the excess figure was 12.9% (1,569 excess deaths). Only 3.8% of deaths during this period mentioned COVID-19 in the death certificates.
(Source: "Media Silent as UK Data Show Sharp Increase in Excess Deaths")
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* Related resources *
2022 Worst Year for Excess Deaths in 50 years - BBC accidentally admits COVID Vaccine is to blame for 2022 being Worst Year for Excess Deaths in 50 years after their Journalists chose to LIE believing nobody would Mark their Homework

Source: The Expose

84% increase in excess mortality - The Millennial age group, 25 - 44, experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality. It's the worst-ever excess mortality, I think, in history. This is per CDC data.

Adjournment Debate on Trends in Excess Deaths - The first Debate on excess deaths anywhere in the world. This was the first time, a government minister anywhere in the world answered concerns.

Beyond Died Suddenly: The Real Data - Excess deaths in highly COVID-19 vaccinated countries, data fraud in Canada, pandemic of the vaccinated, booster shot damage to immune system.

Source: Iron Will Report | Date: Feb 28, 2023

COVID Intel Substack Archive - Archive of articles including many about excess deaths and sudden deaths

Source: COVID Intel (Dr.William Makis)

Data Analyst: “We Have a Crisis Underway” - Heart attacks, cancers, and non-COVID-related deaths have ravaged young people over the past two and a half years. Unfortunately, the situation is only getting worse.

Source: The Vigilant Fox | Date: Oct 8, 2023

Death Tsunami: "They Found a Way to Slow-Kill People With This" - Watch now (3 mins) | "We have over 900 professional athletes now that have died."

Source: The Vigilant Fox

Dr Campbell with an update on excess deaths from various countries around the world - Fun, or not so fun, fact. The UK has collected 10% more in inheritance tax than last year – an extra 400 million pounds for a total of 3.9 billion pounds for the current fiscal year. IHT receipts rise by £400mn - FTAdviser Ok, to the numbers for excess deaths.

Source: Peter’s Newsletter

Excess death debate

Excess deaths - Japan has skyrocketing excess deaths after its population was mRNA COVID-19 vaccine overdosed - 2023 is going to be the worst year yet. Japan is mRNA vaccine poisoned: Japan has administered 384 million COVID-19 mRNA vaccine doses, approximately 78% Pfizer and 22% Moderna.

Source: COVID Intel (Dr.William Makis)

Excess deaths (new record) in Canadian province of Nova Scotia - A March 7, 2023 CBC article headline reads: “Nova Scotia tight-lipped about spike in deaths - Unexpectedly high numbers of people are dying in an untimely fashion,' expert says” (click here) All highly COVID-19 vaccinated countries and jurisdictions are seeing record excess deaths on the order of 1 per 1000 population in 2022.

Date: Mar 23, 2023

Excess Deaths in the UK - UK News: Tens of thousands more Brits are dying - experts not sure why. Let’s look at the excess death numbers that the mainstream UK media admit to in this interesting article: “May to Dec 2022" there were 32,441 excess deaths in England and Wales.

Source: COVID Intel (Dr.William Makis)

Excess Mortality Goes Mainstream in Earth-Shattering Ed Dowd/Tucker Carlson Interview - “In 2021, the stats people expected went off the rails.”

Source: Daily Clout

Excess mortality is at 84% - I'm the CEO of a large insurance group, and we underwrite morbidity risk. Based on what we are seeing, the rates right now, excess mortality is at 84%, and excess every kind of disease at 1100%. We are expecting upwards of 5000% for this year.

Japan - vaccine injuries and excess deaths - JAPAN - The Government is urged to tell the truth about the huge number of vaccine injuries and excess deaths. Stating deaths in the vaccinated are 38 times higher than after the flu vaccine.

Killing the young - Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z experience record 84% excess mortality in fall of 2021, after vaccine mandates were rolled out.

Source: Natural News

Latest News - Informed Choice substack - A compilation of some of the top stories in the world of vaccination and health freedom.

Source: Informed Choice | Date: Oct 22, 2023

Media Silent as UK Data Show Sharp Increase in Excess Deaths - John Campbell, Ph.D., a retired accident and emergency nurse, nurse teacher and author of two nursing textbooks, analyzed the latest U.K. data showing a sharp increase in excess deaths. Campbell said if this was a terrorist attack “it would be a state of war.”

Source: Children's Health Defense

No Lives Were Saved by COVID-19 Vaccines, Scientists Estimate

Source: The Epoch Times

Sad excess deaths - Richer countries ongoing excess deaths.

The Veil of Silence over Excess Deaths - Around the world, there has been a deafening veil of silence over excess deaths from governments and the mainstream media.

Source: Brownstone Institute | Date: Oct 26, 2023

They lied, people died - This is the story of Big Pharma FRAUD in 2020, 2021 and now.

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